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China Professional C Class Cast Iron Combination Chains with Free Design Custom

C Class Cast Iron Combination Chains

Cast combination chains are made of cast steel for high strength and long wear life. These cast chains are widely used in cement, chemical, wood products, quarry and mining industries for conveying or lifting applications.

C Class Cast Iron Combination Chains: C55, C77, C188, C131, C102B, C111, C110, C132

C Class Cast Iron Combination Chains C131, C102B, C111, C110, C132-K2 Attachment

C Class Cast Iron Combination Chains: C55A, C55B, C55D

C Class Cast Iron Combination Chains BRH 188

Cast Combination Chain Features

A cast combination chain combines strength, ductility and wears resistance. The HZPT cast combination chain is a durable and highly efficient solution for conveyor and drag applications. The chains are manufactured with pearlitic malleable iron block links for exceptional wear resistance and balance toughness. They also feature stainless steel pins for corrosion resistance. In addition to its long life, the cast combination chain is a highly recommended choice for heavy-duty conveyor applications.

The steel outer links and cast inner links make up a combination chain. They are widely used for conveying applications, such as in a conveyor or an elevator. They are particularly suitable for abrasive materials and are less expensive than their all-steel counterparts.

A high-quality cast combination chain is C55, a symmetrical conveyor chain. They can be used in a variety of applications, from recycling to construction. Because the links are symmetrical, they can travel in either direction. These chains are also suitable for conveying both abrasive and non-abrasive materials. C55 chain is typically supplied in cottered construction but can also be supplied in riveted construction if required.

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