CNC Automatic Cutting & Bending & Tube End Forming Machine Making Machinery Manufacturer

CNC Automatic Cutting & Bending & Tube End Forming Machine Making Machinery Manufacturer

This gear is appropriate for aluminum (copper) pipe forming method, these kinds of as: straight, blanking, flaring, necking, elbow, pier head, and so forth. CZPT equipment changeover built-in tools.

Gadget parameters

CZPT requirements of the slicing system:
Feeding stroke and accuracy (U axis) Feeding stroke / time: a hundred ~ 1000mm (accuracy ± .3mm when feeding length ≤ 1000mm precision ± .5mm when 1000mm <feeding length <2000mm), maximum speed: 0.75m / s
One feeding stroke ≤750mm
Needs of the reducing system Feeding system adopts translation type pull-out horizontal and vertical movement
Feeder requirements Opening and shifting to CNC device employing cylinder push
Main-pulling cylinder Geared up with a tube bending device with a core rod main-pulling cylinder and automated oil provide gadget (unstable oil)
Blanking quality demands The roundness tolerance of the minimize copper pipe is significantly less than one%, there is no clear pull, scratch, creasing and knurling scratch on the surface area of the copper pipe, and no burr
Coil dimensions and excess weight The outer diameter of the tray is φ1000 ~ 1230mm, the center hole diameter of the tray is φ130mm, the pitch of the tray is 250 ~ 340mm, the optimum bodyweight of the coil is ≤250Kg
Copper pipe outer diameter and wall thickness Φ6.~φ10mm,Wall thickness:.five~1.0mm
CZPT tolerance ≤2‰
Repeated mounted-size mistake ≤0.6mm
Nozzle interior diameter necking price f <25%

d0-CZPT tube wall thickness
d1-Tube thickness following opening
f= (d1 – d0)/ d0 %

Flatness of 1 shot ≤0.5mm
Feeding performance Performance of ≤6S / root (single tube with opening duration of one thousand mm)
CZPT requirements for tube stop forming:
Strokes of entrance tube stop / processing station Utilizing straight punch 2 stations + rotary one station
Stroke of rear tube end/processing station one rotation
Nozzle injection purpose Automatic gas injection when flaring conclude-finish cones and elbows (volatile oil)
electricity provide 3-section 380V
Air stress .45-.55Mpa
Products cooling approach Air-cooled
Clamping force 3000Kg
Optimum electrical power 3000Kg
Greatest processing depth error <± 0.5mm
Optimum coaxiality error <0.1mm
Pipe finish effectiveness 8S-9S / root (plus opening time 6S, extensive effectiveness at the conclude of opening tube ≥15S / root)
CZPT requirements of pipe bending system:
Highest bend diameter X wall thickness Φ12.7mm × 1.0mm and underneath
Elbow radius R10-R60
Mandrel needs Meet customer requirements for copper pipe bending
Workpiece duration 1000mm
Bend straight feeding stroke 1000mm
Feeding velocity of elbow Velocity adjustable
Bend straight feeding stroke ~1000mm
Feeding speed of elbow .seventy five-1m / s (adjustable)
CZPT rotation angle and accuracy (Y axis) Angle ~ ± 3600 pace ~ ± 6000 / SEC precision: ± .050
CZPT rotation angular velocity ≥3600 / s (adjustable)
Bend angle velocity (Z axis) ≥1800 / s (adjustable)
Copper tube flat rate one. For coreless bending of copper pipes with an outer diameter of φ8mm and a bend radius of R20 or far more (such as R20), the flatness ratio of the copper tube is ≤1.fifteen, and the flattening ratio is ≤12%. problem.
2. In the coreless bending of copper pipe with outer diameter φ9.52mm and bend radius R20 or more (like R20), the copper pipe flatness charge is 1.185 or significantly less, and the flattening price is 12% or less. High quality problems.
Comprehensive area situation There are no evident pull, scratch, crush marks and knurled scratches on the floor of the copper pipe, and there is no burr on the pipe mouth
The mouth of copper pipe of Ф12 and underneath requirements is flat, and the out-of-roundness is ≤3%.
electricity provide A few-stage 380V
Air stress .forty five-.55Mpa
CZPT pressure four-7Mpa
Equipment cooling method Air-cooled

Equipment structure and method configuration
one. The products frame and fuselage undertake a cabin-sort keel composition. The products is welded and fashioned by square metal tubes and arc metal plates. After the anxiety is eliminated, the all round processing is done to guarantee that the gear has sufficient power, rigidity and stability. Four adjustable Top of the foot cup.
2. The parts and components of every single element of the gear are subjected to essential floor therapies, this kind of as electroplating, blackening, quenching, carburizing, electrostatic spraying, and so forth. in accordance to the actual operating problems and working surroundings to satisfy the energy and area functions of the elements.
three. The round mould is an integral mould the manual mould can be outfitted with a stick to-up mold, a boosting system and an anti-crease unit the surface hardness of the molds such as the clamp mold, the guidebook mildew, and the spherical mildew is not reduce than HRC50 the replacement procedure of a variety of molds is easy Handy, and at the identical time satisfy the requirements of processing technologies of pipe fittings.
4. CZPT axis feeding axis adopts higher-velocity linear motion components.
five. The head is an integral box structure, the curved arm adopts precision toothed chain transmission, the transmission sprocket and the reducer output shaft have assist bearings at both finishes, and the chain adjustment method is a butt-kind double spiral structure.
six. Rotary shaft: It is pushed by a energy-escalating precision planetary servo reducer, and the unbiased servo technique completes the feeding, bending and rotating handle specifications.
7. Clamping mechanism: parallel quadrilateral movement manner, diagonal clamping, to guarantee sufficient clamping force and keep away from pinching of copper tubes, all joints have polymer non-lubricated bearings, and the guidebook mould uses slider links The structure has two strokes of half-return and complete-return. The substance clamp adopts a three-lobed chuck framework to make certain ample clamping drive, mechanical energy and support existence the main has a quick positioning and anti-rotation gadget
8. Adopt energetic feeding rack: no scratches or scratches on the copper tube
nine. Straightening unit: It adopts the complete substrate mounting strategy, which is practical for specification change. The copper tube passes a pair of round rollers to eradicate nearby deformation. The horizontal and vertical planes of the copper tube are supplied with 5 straightening wheels. At the identical time, the amount of straightening deformation can be altered in accordance to the gentle and difficult states of the copper tube. Each and every straightening wheel has a smooth surface and is geared up with two bearings, which efficiently guarantees straightening accuracy and balance.
10. Set-length feeding system: adopts AC servo motor to generate ball screw feeding, the feeding manual adopts wear-resistant polished rod and linear bearing, and the movement is flexible. The feeding clamp adopts booster cylinder.
11. Slicing system: adopts the outer rotary cutter and supporting wheel framework. In buy to avoid the copper tube from sliding throughout pre-tensioning, which will result in the cutter to split, the copper tube correcting clamp is clamped by a two-phase booster cylinder, and its clamping force is double. The clamping drive is two times as massive as that of the pulling die. The feeding mechanism adopts an independent cylinder feeding ingredient to advance and return. The feeding is steady and the withdrawal is rapid. The slicing head feed volume can be altered to adapt to different wear alterations of the reducing device. The necking charge of each and every nozzle is the same. Geared up with intermittent blade gas injection system, every single cutter head is provided with unstable oil lubrication nozzles to increase the services existence of the blade.
twelve. Tube conclude clamp: the electrical power of the tube end is driven by hydraulic stress
13. Displacement system: pushed by servo.
14. Pneumatic parts: The principal pneumatic parts of the gear are utilized for various actuators and gasoline injection. The pneumatic circuit has gadgets for voltage stabilization, purification, lubrication and stress adjustment.
CZPTal control:
one.Using CNC centralized management.
two. It has the capabilities of handbook operation and automated operation of the total device.
three. Alarm sign: electricity source, no material, cycle completion, irregular cycle, crisis stop, overheat journey, irregular chopping, product discharge
four. Anomalies and other features, and put in eye-catching tri-shade alarm lights.
five. The operation panel consists of gentleman-machine interface, knob and unexpected emergency cease button, with very clear identification and simple operation.
6. The set up of electrical factors of the products complies with relevant national rules, and has reliable grounding products, wiring terminals in electrical containers,
7. The contactor and little air change undertake VDE standard V-groove set up approach. Each and every electrical element is clearly marked. Inside the electric manage cupboard
8. Use plastic trunking cupboards for wiring, with distinct wire figures clear management panel, obvious and effortless to read label subtitles.
nine. Basic safety protection: The set up of the electrical parts of the gadget conforms to the appropriate nationwide rules, and there is a trustworthy grounding unit, a protecting protect, and automatic procedure stops when the protecting cover is opened.
ten. Equipment shade: The principal body of the gear is blue (Jie Sheng color quantity JS-SK-003), and warning signs are put on the parts included in personal safety.

 List of principal components and maintenance

  1. Listing of main add-ons
NO. Identify Quantity Model
CNC method 1 piece JISUN
Switching electrical power 1 piece MV
Contactor, thermal 1 set TAIAN
Proximity switch 1 batch YM
Pneumatic First 1 batch AIRTAC
Leakage switch 1 batch CHINT
Button one batch SCHNEIDER
Intermediate relay one batch OMRON
Oil pump 1 set JUNTAI
The electromagnetic valve 5 piece YOUSHENG
Force preserving valve 1 piece MINGDE
Air cooler 1 set RISEN
CZPT cylinder 5 piece RISEN
Servo motor 8 set DELTA


  1. Check out the air / oil strain and the issue of each fastener everyday to ensure dependable use.
  2. Often lubricate moving components and keep the equipment tidy.
  3. Clear the dust of the products frequently to keep away from impacting the procedure and product high quality.
  4. The typical functioning time of the tools is calculated from 8-ten hrs for each working day. If the operating time is lengthier because of to creation, the inspection and update of donning components, motors and other add-ons ought to be strengthened to make sure the stability of the gear.

Services and other

  1. Merchandise high quality warranty for 1 yr, (apart from for synthetic or abnormal use) wearing components are not incorporated in the guarantee scope. For particulars, please refer to the “donning areas checklist” in the instruction handbook.
  2. You are really welcome to check out our manufacturing facility to see our equipment how to function before you location an buy with us.
  3. This item is delivered randomly: a handbook and a set of molds (if other specs are needed, the price will be quoted individually).
  4. If client have any query about operation when making use of our machine,we will reply you by e-mail/phone/other online chat resource inside of 24 hours.
  5. The purchaser needs to offer power voltage, compressed air gasoline source and grounding products in accordance with electrical requirements on the web site of the manufacturer’s workshop the customer must configure the cables and air pipes related to the products.
  6. The circulating cooling drinking water, hydraulic oil (advisable to use forty six model hydraulic oil), lubricating oil and cooling oil required by the products are acquired by the purchaser.

CNC Automatic Cutting & Bending & Tube End Forming Machine Making Machinery Manufacturer